Automatic Gate Openers

LiftMaster automatic gate openers are engineered with quality machine work and rugged construction to provide you the comfort of knowing the gate will open and close all day and night. Simply the best name in the industry with a reputation for quality, dependability, and award-winning designs to complement any gated entrance, their complete line of gate openers is designed to meet or exceed UL325 safety standards and requirements.

Slide Gate Operator

Slide Automatic Gate Openers

Slide operators are used when there is limited space behind a secured facility, so the gate must run parallel to a fence or wall.
Swing Gate Opener

Swing Automatic Gate Openers

Swing operators are used when an automatic gate (or two gates) open inward or outward away from a wall.
Barrier Automatic Gate Opener

Barrier Automatic Gate Openers

Barrier operators are used for high-traffic, frequently accessed sites, such as airports, parking lots, or office buildings.
Trolley Gate Opener

High Cycle Trolley Gate Openers

High cycle trolley operators are designed for use on high-traffic automatic gates and low-profile applications.